Catalan sausages are renowned worldwide, and the export demand for our gourmet products is constant. The objective is to introduce a quality gourmet product in their countries in the format that they consider is best suited to the characteristics of their clients.

To this end Pedragosa has developed a new sausage format specially designed for the Swedish market. It is a 500 gr. Turkey noble meat sausage. which is sold vacuum packed.

The selection of ingredients for this product has been made under the premise of working exclusively with the highest quality, and follows the artisanal method of production of all the sausages of our brand:

  •  Noble turkey meat: it works exclusively with the most tender and mellow parts, to obtain an exclusive and quality product.
  •  Seasoning and spice: despite having excellent meat, we are aware that the turning point is to find the right amount of salt and pepper to aid healing and give the exclusive taste of gourmet sausage.
  • Artisanal production process: we follow the original recipe from 1916, bearing in mind that there are processes that cannot be automated and treating each piece of sausage as individual and unique.
  •  Natural cure: our dryers have the optimal temperature to achieve an ideal cure point. Usually the sausages are kept in the dryer with a slow curing process, but in the case of the sausage, due to its dimensions and weight, the drying is with a much faster curing process, and the result is the characteristic acid flavor of the “sausage”.