Pedragosa sausages on the Christmas table

Hoy os ofrecemos algunas ideas rápidas y sencillas para que la mesa esté preciosa.

Pedragosa sausages on the Christmas table

Although January is a tricky month for pants, let’s face it, Christmas is a time when we enjoy family and good food. We are looking forward to going home to that aunt who cooks so well or to cousins ​​who surprise everybody with some different and creative ideas. And if you have to cook, you have so much work that it becomes difficult to manage.

Today we bring you some quick and easy ideas for making your table enjoyable. We’ll talk about the buttons on the pants in January ????

Strips of sausage with bread with tomato

Make thin baguette slices, sprinkle a little crumb and lightly coat the inner walls with tomato, salt and oil. Add sausage strips and serve on a flat plate.



In these stand up appetizers, it is helpful to have mini dishes to talk to while you were eating. We recommend that you combine the sausage with sticks or toast and pieces of cheese. They will fly!


“Xató”with Pedragosa sausages

If you want to add some light dish, we recommend you try our version of the catalan xató. It’s all about making the typical xató, mixing escarole, olives, romesco sauce and, instead of cod, and adding pieces of sausage.

We wish you fun and delicious Christmas!