Should you eat the skin of the fuet or the sausage?

Many wonder if the skin of the fuet or the sausage should be eaten. Our expert in the field Mr. Carles Termes answers us, since surely at one point in his life he has asked himself the eternal question with or without skin?

The sausages that we manufacture are stuffed with natural casings. All natural casings are edible and easily digested. But sometimes the natural casing has a very thick wall so it may not appear and can be easily removed. It is recommended that children remove the skin, to avoid not chewing well and choking.

In the case of thin-walled casings, the most commonly used for fuets, in our house they are perfectly edible and easy to chew. In addition, the mold on its surface plays an important role in the final flavor of the fuet and the intestinal flora.

On the other hand, processed casings are usually not edible. Typically, it is indicated on the product packaging whether or not the gut can be eaten.