We know it’s good, we know we can eat it every day. We tell you everything you need to know about this “healthy” kind of dried-sausage.

– What is turkey sausage?

Turkey sausage is a sausage like any other, but made with turkey meat, a very low-fat, lean meat. This is why many nutritionists recommend eating turkey in their weight control diets.

– Are all turkey sausages the same?

¡No! Pedragosa always uses turkey thigh meat, we do not mix with other parts and this marks not only the difference in taste but in the quality of the product you are eating.

– What types of turkey sausage are there?

Practically the same ones you will find in pork. In Pedragosa, for example, you will find fuet, truffled fuet, truffled dried-sausage, dried-sausage, turkey ham and chorizo ​.

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– Where to buy turkey sausage

If you want to eat it shortly, your butcher can slice it. However, if you have a sausage cutter or you prefer freshly cut, we recommend that you buy the whole piece, which can be stored for many days in the fridge and you will always eat it with 100% of its taste.

– Is turkey sausage a good alternative for cooking?

¡Of course! The great secret of Pedragosa is the seasoning and drying of our sausages. The turkey sausage is delicious, seasoned with salt and paprika. It is ideal both for sandwiches and to give flavor to stews and dishes from your day to day.

– How to combine turkey sausage in prepared dishes

You have as many options as you want to make. It is ideal for giving an intense taste to salads, legumes, vegetables, rice, fried eggs, French or potato omelettes. If you like sausage, enjoy it!

– No additives?

Our turkey sausages do not contain gluten, soy or GMOs (ingredients without genetic alterations). In addition, Pedragosa 1916 is free of any allergens and has a whole line of turkey products.

– Sausage and cholesterol

The cholesterol content of turkey sausages is significantly lower than in any pork sausage, even when compared to Iberian sausages.

– Is turkey sausage lower in calories?

Yes! Turkey sausage is lower in calories thanks to lean meat, so it is advisable in a balanced weight control diet.

– Can I freeze the turkey sausage?

Yes! This is the best way to preserve the sausage that you do not need to eat in the coming days. When you thaw it, you will not have lost any of its organoleptic properties. We advise you to cover the snack well so that the sausage does not take on the taste of the rest of the food in the freezer.