History of Embutidos Pedragosa

Tradition since 1916

The beginnings with the grandfather

Pedragosa began the year 1916 to make sausages in a small store next to the thermal springs of Caldes de Montbui. From the slaughter of the pig derived all kinds of raw delicacies such as sausages and bacon; the delicacies of boilers such as pork rinds and Catalan ones; the dry sausages that the grandfather took to the nearest mountains where the optimal conditions to cure the sausage met.

Thanks to the way of working of the grandfathers with the dried products, the butchers of the region took their raw materials to him so that they did the same process to them because they saw that the product was of excellent quality.

Since then, Pedragosa became known as the Longaniza from Caldes.

Embutidos Pedragosa elabora embutidos desde 1916 en Caldes de Montbui, aunando tradición con innovación
En 1982 nace Embutidos Pedragosa, una pequeña tienda en Caldes de Montbui debido al éxito de sus productos

1982, Embutidos Pedragosa S.A was born

In 1916 Pedragosa was born by Francisco Pedragosa, in a small shop in the town of Caldes de Montbui. Due to the success of their sausages in the Valles area, the butchers of the surrounding villages, they begin to ask Francisco if the leftovers of fresh meat, could make them sausages with his centenary technique.

With all the acknowledgments obtained since 1916 and that began to take a large volume, in 1982 they decided to set up a workshop and its natural dryers to supply all customers. Pedragosa has always rewarded absolute QUALITY in all its processes, always preserving the original 1916 flavor in all its products and respecting the tradition for handcrafted production.

Embutidos Pedragosa nowadays

Embutidos Pedragosa has the will to do things well and does not miss the heat of traditional sausages. We are continually innovating without losing the essence to make sausages with a great demand from the most demanding palates.

In the town of Caldes de Montbui we have represented two charcuteries that are a reflection of the line marked by our ancestors. In addition, we are responding to the high demand that we detect with the multiple calls from around the world to be able to obtain our products in the place of origin of the clients. They always ask us how to get these products to their homes in a comfortable way.

We have a team very excited about this project, in order to give the best response to our customers.

Actualmente Embutidos Pedragosa sigue en Caldes de Montbui con dos charcuterías, ofreciendo productos completamente artesanales

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